Heidi’s 4 month update

So its a little late. But on January 24th, Heidi turned 4 months old and even just saying it freaks me out! Its such a common thing you hear from parents, but time really does fly by!

This is definitely a really fun stage she is at! She is no longer our floppy little newborn. Shes a tiny little woman with loads of personality starting to shine through.


Heidi sleeps so well now (sorry to anyone not experiencing the same). She takes a massive feed at night so its normally around 10/10.30 before I actually get her into her crib. We are working on an earlier bedtime right now. But the little rascal is too nosey now and won’t sleep any earlier incase she misses something! Any tips here would be great! When she does go down though, she sleeps like a log until around 3.30/4am and after a fresh nappy and a feed, goes right back to sleep. She then usually sleeps until 7/8am before another feed and if we have nowhere to be, I let her sleep again until 9 or 10am somedays. I know this probably doesn’t help getting her to bed early so I haven’t been letting her do this as much, but it actually doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Once in a while she will sleep through until at least 7 before looking for a feed, but of course I don’t sleep any better as I wake up every hour to make sure shes still breathing (silly mum brain). Everyones favourite question is, “Is she sleeping all night for you?” When I say “Sometimes, but most nights shes up for a feed”, I instantly get these ‘oh poor you’ looks, “you must be exhausted. Have you tried a spoon of baby rice before bed?” Eeehhh….”Have you tried a spoon of minding your own *#@&* business??” You might think I’m mad, but I genuinely don’t mind the night feed. Shes not up screaming or crying, I lift her when she stirs so she doesn’t get a chance to be upset. Sometimes her dummy is all shes looking for but if not, then a quick feed and shes right back over. Compared to 2 months ago when our reflux baby was up every hour and had to have a clean babygrow several times a night due to being sick, we are extremely happy with how she is sleeping now.


The clusterfeeding has stopped! I repeat, the clusterfeeding…has stopped!!! Just suddenly out of nowhere it ended. And I felt like I had a little more of my sanity back. I no longer have to worry about leaving the house incase she decides she wants to feed for 2 hours. I am no longer glued to my sofa for 4 hours at night and when I am, its my choice, not because I am pinned down by a little human. As I said she takes a big feed at night which can be anywhere up to an hour but during the day she feeds for 20 mins or so every 3 hours, sometimes will go 4 hours. So its definitely easier for us both to get out more and to get things done.


She is definitely finding her voice and it is the cutest thing. A few weeks ago she was babbling constantly, telling stories and talking to anyone or anything that would listen, including her own hands! Then she discovered she could squeal, so for a solid week or 2, thats all she did! She would lay on the floor under her baby gym, and squeal in absolute delight at the funny bunny hanging over her head. Or if no one was looking at her (which is not very often), she would squeal for attention and then giggle in delight when you looked. Her latest thing is growling though. Yes, she growls. She does this low, gritty growl with her throat like shes trying to squeeze out the worlds biggest fart and does it until she coughs! This too is hilarious apparently.


Every toy and stuffed animal she has not only gets talked to, squealed at or growled at, but it gets eaten. Everything goes straight to the mouth. She likes to hold a toy, screech at it and then stuff it in her mouth like a little vampire and gurgles at the same time. Then she pulls it away, letting it believe the torment is over, before repeating it again! Florence the bunny and Edgar the cat have gone from being soft adoreable creatures, to being matted, battered lumps of fluff in the space of a few weeks. Shes getting really good now with her hand/eye coordination. Its not perfect but its really coming along. You can see her eyeing something up, her face all wrinkled like shes trying to work out a maths equation before the hand slowly extends. Sometimes on target, sometimes not. The sometimes not results in lots of frustrated shouting.


She has really grown to love tummy time. She used to hate it but for Christmas we got her a tummy time cushion and it was the best thing we could have possibly got her. As soon as we placed her on it, she was able to lift her head a lot easier because she had some support under her chest and suddenly the world was seen from a different angle and her little face said it all. The cushion has lots of little toys and tabs attached to encourage them to reach so it definitely helped her enjoy it more. I would highly recommend. We purchased this Little Einstein one from smyths and have nothing but good things to say about it. https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/baby/infant-toys/baby-einstein-rhythm-of-the-reef-prop-pillow/p/136653?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7-_69rmO2QIVzb_tCh3RpwS3EAQYASABEgJdMvD_BwE

Now she doesn’t need the pillow, but it still makes for an interesting toy.


I was not expecting this for a long time yet, but we started to help her to roll over anytime we were doing tummy time. One day, around 15/16 weeks she was on her baby gym, I was sitting on the sofa and the next thing I saw the legs up in the air and she toppled over on to her side, and then slowly squirmed her way round onto her belly! I thought it must be a fluke. No way can she be rolling at just over 3 months! But she kept practicing and has now mastered it like a pro! I read babies tend to go front to back first but shes still working on this. Of course when she does roll, she looks up with a massive grin on her face, all delighted with herself and rightly so.

While on her tummy, she will scream at a toy and then slam her face into it and eat it while growling. I swear shes a vampire! Its the funniest, cutest thing!

She loves bathtime, a right little water baby. Especially when Daddy goes mad with the baby bubble bath and ‘swims’ her around the big girl tub! This is just the best fun ever!

She really has turned into such a fun wee person lately. She is very bright and happy all the time. She constantly smiles and giggles and just melts my heart 24/7 and is absolutely adored by everyone round her. I personally must spend a good 4 hours a day with tears in my eyes just staring at her and kissing her and telling her how beautiful she is! It won’t be long til shes wiping her kisses off and telling me to leave her alone for 5 minutes, so I’m making the most of it.


The story of our memory bear

I never thought I would end up getting emotionally attached to baby clothes, but when Heidi was 10 weeks old and finally outgrew her newborn babygrows, I got so emotional! My tiny baby was getting big and as strange as it sounds, I was sad when i folded up all her little clothes and brought out the next size. I didn’t want to stick my favourites in a box and look at them once in a blue moon. I wanted to be reminded of those newborn days every day!

I came across @handmadeholly_ on twitter via other mums I follow. She makes memory bears out of clothing. I browsed the photographs of her work on instagram and I just thought they were beautiful! What a stunning way to preserve memories and display them to see everyday! So I contacted Holly and she was such a delight from day one.

We got digging through Heidis babygrows and picked out our favourites. The number one choice was obviously the babygrow she wore home from hospital. I couldn’t believe looking at it again how tiny it was, and it was massive on her when she came home! We had to actually buy some tiny baby clothing for our teeny 6lb baby!

After selecting a few other favourites, I popped along to the post office to get them sent off. I sent 4 babygrows in total. Holly was so lovely throughout and kept in touch evey step of the way. She let me know when they arrived safely, when she began to work on it, double checked details etc and before I knew it, she was sending me some sneak peek photographs of our bear! You can really see in her work that she doesn’t just think of them as clothes, she understands these are precious memories and takes such care, even returning any leftover fabric! I also ordered some hanging hearts to be made from the same fabric but one of those is an upcoming birthday gift so I don’t want to give away too much!

When our bear arrived in the post, I was so happy with it immediately. The design was beautiful, the finish was perfect and the shape of it was just gorgeous! We were so delighted and Heidis little smile said it all.

Its a little bit nerve racking to send off such precious memories to be cut up, but for anyone with any doubts, I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed. Your garments will be well looked after.

My plan is to get a memory bear made for every size of clothing and display them on a shelf in Heidis room. I will be reminded of all the different stages of her growing and of special memories every time I look at them! At 4 months old, she is still in 0-3 clothes, it will be a little while before i can order the next bear. But I am already thinking about which pieces I might want to treasure forever.

Holly did not ask me to write this. I simply wanted to share a lovely experience and a lovely way to treasure memories!!