Getting back to blogging!

Hi guys! Wow so I haven’t written a blog in a few months. We have had SO much happening! We have moved house, well, more like relocated! Not too far from where we were living, about an hour away. Back to my hometown, but far enough that it made more sense for Gerard to find a new job as well. I have also gone back to work myself, so we are slowly but surely figuring out our new routine and gradually settling into it. So with everything going on, blogging just kinda fell to the side.

Recently though, I have been feeling super inspired to write again, so I am determined to make the time to do so! I need to, or I will end up with a list of ideas longer than my arm and then I will never feel brave enough to tackle it!

So this isn’t so much of a blog post, just more of a, Hello! I’m back, you will be hearing more from me very soon!

Laura x


Author: heidiandthehiccups

Mum/parenting blogger. 30 years old, from Northern Ireland. First time Mum, driving instructor, jewellery maker, and Belfast Giants fan.

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