Heidi at 6 months

This really is such a fun age. Our little newborn is suddenly full of so much energy and personality! We get the feeling already that she is going to be quite boistrous, maybe a tom boy like I was! She is so rough with her toys. Anything with a face just gets screamed at and its nose bitten viciously with tender little gums! Its really funny to watch. Although when she turns this treatment on us, its actually quite frightening! Haha!

She has just about started to roll from front to back, after 3 months of going the other way. We were starting to think she was never going to bother! Sitting up is coming along nicely. She can balance for a little while on her own, but still needs hands behind her to catch those wobbles. If she has a toy though, rather than bring it to her mouth she tends to double over completely to chew on it, some of the shapes she gets herself into is hilarious.

I’m really glad by this age that shes still not strange with people. Someone unfamiliar gets stared at for a minute and then its big smiles! I really hope she stays this way. I’d love her to be sociable. I HATE when you meet someones kid and they hide behind their parents legs and act all shy. I find it quite awkward as I am pretty useless with other peoples children as it is.

Its amusing though because when she isn’t in her own familiar surroundings, she is very quiet and everyone thinks shes like that all the time, but in her own home, she is constantly this little burst of energy and fun.

We have started weaning. Thats going really well, she has taken to it very naturally. We are mostly spoon feeding with a little bit of baby led weaning and we would like to eventually get onto baby led completely once she gets the hang of it. I am going to write a seperate blog post about our weaning journey so far though. So I won’t go into too much detail there.

We got her a baby walker. She loves standing on your knee and has really good strength in her little legs so we thought it was the right time. But bless her, shes so petite her little feet barely touch the floor. She loves the toys on the tray though and the fact it helps her sit upright. I would say it won’t be long until she is chasing us around the house in it.

We went swimming for the first time this week and she loved it! We are starting Aqua Babies this week so I am very excited for that. We will only get to attend for a few weeks though as we are moving house!! We are FINALLY, after years of me living in the city, an hour away from family, moving to my hometown and I am so excited. We all are. We just need a fresh start and Gerard and I are both so fed up with the city. But again, I will write a seperate post about that. If anyone has any tips though about moving house with a 6 month old, I would be very grateful! I want it to be as stress free as possible for her. I just hope she adapts well. We figured her being so young, would be the best time to do it.

Back to the swimming though, its something Gerard has been busting to do since she was born. I kept putting it off though as I just had myself convinced that the changing room situation would be a nightmare, tiny cubicles verses getting changed in front of people! But I was pleasantly surprised to see that our local, newly built leisure centre had big family cubicles with baby changing tables. It really was so easy and I wish we had gone sooner. Theres a pool quite close to where we are moving so I will definitely make a point of taking her often, and hopefully they will also have baby swimming classes.

I would say our biggest milestone this month, is that Heidi moved into her own bedroom. We felt it was time. We really missed just hanging out in bed at night watching netflix and our floorboards are so creaky that the ninja walking to get into bed was starting to get old. I felt my sleep was disturbed even when she was sleeping because shes very wriggly in her sleep and I would hear her moving about. We all had a cold and cough a few weeks back as well and we were wakening her coughing and sniffling. We just felt overall it was time for her and us to have our own space. It wasn’t easy. That first night, when she was asleep in my arms, I stood by her cot and suddenly my chest tightened. I didn’t want to put her down. I just stood there holding her extra tight. I felt like it was her first big step away from us and it was a real indication of just how much shes grown. I wasn’t expecting it to come around so fast. I started crying. Gerard popped his head in the door and started crying with me! A couple of big saddos. We put her down and just watched her sleep and although its been a week now, we pop our head in to see shes ok everytime we pass the door. And more lol. The monitor is never out of my hand! She has settled really well. Sleeps just like she did before, if not a little better. That first night, I missed her so much. I used to hold her hand for a little while when I got into bed and I miss that but its for the best for all of us. Her bedside crib is still there. I will keep it there until we move, just incase.

Its hard to believe that she is 6 months old already. I keep saying it, but time is flying by! Sometimes I just stare at her and beg time to slow down a little! I look at her and just try to absorb every little detail, every hair on her head, her smell, every adoring look she gives me! She just makes me feel like I could burst any moment with love!

I want to start writing a book of letters for her. I feel like so much changes so fast, I am scared of forgetting anything at all. I think a little journal would be a great way to document things and a fun read for her hopefully, when she is older. I know I write this blog, but I have never been a fan of displaying my entire life online. Some things need to stay private. And she can’t make that decision herself.

The more fun she is getting, the more excited I get for our future! But still, time, if you hear me, slow down just a little…please.


Author: heidiandthehiccups

Mum/parenting blogger. 30 years old, from Northern Ireland. First time Mum, driving instructor, jewellery maker, and Belfast Giants fan.

8 thoughts on “Heidi at 6 months”

  1. Ah six months is such a milestone! I have found it only gets better as time goes on and I am loving this toddler stage!

    Amy | Amy Jane & Baby


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  2. She’s so adorable! I remember getting a baby walker exactly like that and I swear it literally didn’t move I was so gutted that I didn’t get to see Immy play bumper cars with the walls haha! It really does fly by and I can’t believe my daughter is 2 in a month, and not 6 months like Heidi!

    Lisa x

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  3. I loved this stage, it really is such a playful age! Stanley is the same in terms of being sociable – he’s always been sociable, he’ll check them out to start with and then instantly crack out the cheesy grins. He’s always been the same and he’s 14 months now. He shouts at people and wave like a little loon when we’re out especially if they have a “doggo” hahahaha xx


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