My First Mothers Day

As Mothers Day approached this year, I did the usual pondering over what to get my Mum. Then I suddenly remembered I was a Mum now too! My first Mothers Day! It didn’t really feel real, even on the day. 5 1/2 months into parenthood and I still pinch myself sometimes! I really am this beautiful girls Mum!

My birthday is in 2 weeks so I asked Gerard to keep it small. I used to work in a large department store and would see people spend so much money on Mothers/Fathers day and don’t get me wrong, as much as my own Mum deserves something extravagant, for us growing up Mothers day was always about making something for her. A card, a painting or drawing, or some other random little craft thing in school! We would have brought her breakfast in bed and attempted to do a couple of chores around the house then just spent the day with her. This is how i want to spend all my Mothers Days. Quality family time and just relaxing, receiving some adoreable homemade gift from Heidi.

A lot of parents where I live see Mothers day and Fathers day as their ‘day off’ and they take off down the pub. A bouncer once told me they’re 2 of the worst days of the year for them to work. Maybe I’m the weirdo and missing the point, but that just doesn’t appeal to me.

Our day began around 8am, Gerard and Heidi gave me my cards and gifts in bed. He got me a lovely wife card and I got a gorgeous Disney Princess card from my little Princess. Gerard had also made a little craft project with her, he did a little hand print and wrote a nice poem beside it. My gift was a gorgeous silver necklace that says ‘Mama’. Its so beautiful, I want to wear it everyday but I am scared Heidi will pull it and break it. So far so good though!

I was cooked a lovely big omelette for breakfast with a chai latte, my favourite. We then saw Gerards mum and gave her her gifts etc. We had visited my Mum and Gran the previous day. We also chose this day to be another big occasion! Heidi turned 24 weeks old and we decided to start weaning. So she had her first meal at lunch time of pureed carrots and she loved it! I will be writing more detail in a week or 2 about how we are getting on with weaning.

We spent most of the day then just having a nice quiet afternoon, before heading down to see the Belfast Giants vs Nottingham Panthers (big Ice hockey fans in our house). And to top off a lovely day, they won! Then it was home to get the little woman in bed and I put my feet up and watched a film with the hubby.

It was exactly the kind of day I had hoped for. Nice and relaxing, beautiful gifts I will cherish forever and memories made.

It also made me think about just how much my own Mum has done for me over the years. I have always appreciated my Mum but this Mothers Day made me think a little harder about what she did for us all growing up and I really admire her even more now for the years that she was a single Mum to 2 of us, before meeting my step dad! I guess becoming a parent yourself, a lot of things suddenly make sense!

How did you all celebrate Mothers Day? Wether it was your first one or your 20th, I hope you had a beautiful day.

Laura xxx


Author: heidiandthehiccups

Mum/parenting blogger. 30 years old, from Northern Ireland. First time Mum, driving instructor, jewellery maker, and Belfast Giants fan.

19 thoughts on “My First Mothers Day”

  1. Ahhh, sounds like you had a lovely day! It’s funny how we appreciate our mum’s more once we’ve become mum’s! We start to realise all the little things they did for us that weren’t so obvious… & I agree with you about kid should make things instead of buying, I say this to my kid every year… Here’s to many more happy mothers days to come! X

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  2. I don’t understand people that go off on their own for the day when it’s mother’s or Father’s Day! I want to spend the day with my baby taking in all the cuddles!
    To be fair my hubby did most the feeds and bum changes on mother’s day meaning I got a bit more time for myself but I was always there!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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  3. Little Heidi eating her carrots is so precious ! So glad you had a lovely day – I am so excited for next Mother’s Day when I will hopefully have a little baby of my own ! Xxx

    Saira xxx

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